Go out everyday during quarantine (in Chile)

Legal Disclaimer: I don't recommend anyone doing this. Details below is for informational purpose only.

Chile has been prolonging quarantine and people are finding novel ways to go out and about. I understand the risk of going out, but for many there is nothing they are saving from staying at home. There are people who are living in tiny apartment, with no place to move around or workout, people that are living alone or people that cant afford to stay at home to make their ends meet.

While now legally you can only go out twice a week to shop necessary things. Here are ways people are doing out during quarantine every single day.

  1. If you are foreigner. Use your passport first. Get two permission on Passport and then 2 on your RUT. (4 days)

  2. The chances of you getting inspected by police during your walk/run/errand/business out and about roughly 1 in 100. Hence if you have a smart phone, go to the site for permission, fill out the form, request permission on your email address but don't submit the form. Just leave it there. If you see incoming inspection from cops. Tell them sure you have your permission in your email and you can show them. Go to browser, submit the form and open your email as natural and there you have it. This means you can go out at least 100 times without needing a single permission.

  3. Dont have a smart phone? Great. Locate a comiseria(or whatever their carabinero place is called) and go about your life. If they stop you. Tell them you don't have a phone or computer or a device with internet connection. So you are going to Comiseria to get the permission. You have legal right to go to comiseria from your place. We can debate about the best route to the comiseria, but you can still do it.

  4. Medical conditions: You can get a permission for medical conditions. Maybe you are feeling sick or out of breath. You are allowed to go to hospitals for emergency as many times as you need. Now if a cop stops you on the way you either have permission or you can claim to need medical attention. Cops are not doctor and can't test if you actually have a condition that warrants visit.

  5. Signup for Rappi and Uber Eats etc. You can signup to be a delivery driver for Rappi, Uber eats etc. You don't need to do deliveries but this gives you the license to go out and become an essential employee. You can perhaps take one request during the day or can claim that you are waiting to accept a request on your phone at any point of time.

  6. Feel like traveling outside: There are companies that can provide you with a contract and the location of work as <>, and there you go, you can travel/move to that location for work. Hopefully by the time you want to come back, there won't be quarantine.

Put all these together an individual can go out as many times as they want with low or no risk at all.

I don't recommend using this.

Enjoy staying at home.